Did I ever mention I have OCD? 

I have OCD. My OCD involves several things one is checking and rechecking and checking and rechecking and checking and rechecking. Another is germs no one can touch my towel my phone my cup or pretty much anything of mine without it being contaminated. And that includes members of my immediate family. In public I am constantly using hand sanitizer there or other means to not actually have to touch public things. Another OCD I have is called hit-and-run OCD. I often have to retrace the places that I’ve driven because I’m convinced that I’ve hit someone always a person and don’t know it. If for some reason I’m unable to turn around and retrace my steps I have to pull over get out of my car and look around to make sure there is no hair, body parts or  blood on my car.  Crazy right? 

Germs or what we are going to focus on today. My Germa- phobic OCD extends beyond myself I’m constantly making my children wash their hands after all they touch dirty things.  Well tonight at Walmart I really had to pee. I do my best not to use public restrooms at all if I do I do the hover method, and unless it’s an utmost emergency will not do anything but pee, with anxiety induced IBS this often leads to painful incidents where I am waiting a long time to get home.  TMI?  Too bad it’s my blog.  Anyway- The lady in the stall next to me had her purse ON THE FLOOR.  THE FLOOR!  OF THE WALMART BATHROOM!  Do you even understand how gross this is?  My purse is not allowed on any surface of my home other than a stove burner (germs will be burned off) or the floor.  Next (and I don’t usually pay this much attention to people in the stall next to me however I couldn’t stop staring at this lady’s purse thinking of all the organisms crawling all over it), next she unraveled the toilet paper so much a pile of it was also ON THE FLOOR.  And then- SHE USED IT.  What on earth.  Because of this I had to wash my hands more than once, use tons of hand sanitizer and I shiver every time I think of it.  Yes, yes I’m crazy.  And if you are that lady at Walmart – cut it out that’s gross you don’t know what you are bringing home to your house!  My poor hands from too much washing/sanitizing today…

Author: thethingswehideinside

Im an almost 40 year old mom struggling through this life with two children, a husband, a houseful of animals. We all have mental or physical challenges that make daily life even harder, this is our journey.

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