We ran out of milk last night…

Last night as I poured milk over my Cocoa Pebbles – yes still 3 meals a day almost every day. I realized I was using just about the last of the milk.  You know how it is the last little bit in the jug that’s all that’s left…No big deal, right? Oh how wrong you are.

We go through close to 6 gallons of milk a week.  So milk never lingers long in this house.  However, somehow last week we got a bad gallon.  It was well more than a week before it’s “use by” date, and had only been open about 12 hours.

I poured my usual bowl of cereal, cut up a nice mostly green banana in it (that’s how I like them) covered it with milk and took a nice big bite.  Only for my sense of taste to be bombarded with the sickenly sweet/sour/weird taste of milk gone bad.

I immediately ran to the sink and spit the foul concoction into the basin and dumped the rest of the bowl.

I brought the gallon to hubby for his smell test and he agreed something wasn’t right.  I dumped the gallon and opened a new one.  Not trusting my own senses I had hubby smell the new gallon and he pronounced it “good to go”.  So I started my ritual over, cut up greenish banana, pour cocoa pebbles over that, and milk over that.  I didn’t enjoy my breakfast though; because as anyone who has taken a swig of spoiled milk will tell you that taste stays with you.

We always buy our milk at the gas station downtown.  They offer milk at the state set minimum instead of marking it up another dollar or more. But now I am afraid to buy my milk there. That’s were the offending gallon came from and though we did have one “safe” gallon (that I never finished by the way I ate that one bowl from it for breakfast and by lunch had procured milk from the major grocery store in the next town over that I opened).  About 1/3-1/2 of that “non-offending” gas station milk that was used only for the family’s breakfast found it’s way into the sink.

So now I sit in a conundrum.  There is just a bit of milk at the bottom of the gallon currently in the fridge. Now before we continue, I must tell you that I have never in my adult years been able to stomach “the last of the milk”.  That task always goes to another member of my family.  I’m worried it will be bad for some reason. (Which goes back to another incident in college). So do I risk a small bowl of cereal with the last of the milk, or do I branch out and find a different breakfast which hasn’t happened in months.  Which OCD will win? The fear of spoiled thereby germ contaminated food, or a change in what I am eating?

I think by process of elimination the change in food will win out because I can argue with myself that at least the new food won’t contaminate my insides.  But at the same time, my brain will feel like the day is off.  And today is not a day I want to be “off” I have a consult 1.5 hours away with the orthopedic surgeon.

The other thing I can do is drive the 10 miles (5 each way) to the store, buy milk at the large grocery store and be done with it.  (I should mention I have concluded I can no longer buy milk at the gas station as they sold the offending gallon and I can never trust them again.) But that sounds like WAY too much work especially since we plan to go get groceries on our way home today.

Excuse the interruption I realized I was wearing the clothes I planned to wear to the doctors today on my couch.  While they haven’t yet left the house they are still outside clothes and therefore I had to change them. (cookoo cookoo).

That’s it, Eggo waffles it is.  Did I mention I ran out of coffee yesterday morning as well? Whee what a fun morning this is turning out to be.

Author: thethingswehideinside

Im an almost 40 year old mom struggling through this life with two children, a husband, a houseful of animals. We all have mental or physical challenges that make daily life even harder, this is our journey.

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