I really think that proverbial “Mama” was a liar!

The other day I think I recall titling a blog, or saying 'Mama, never said there'd be days like this"….. Well that mythical "Mama" whoever she is is a LIAR.

My morning so far:

You have to be 1.5 hours away early this morning for your pre-op. You have to wake up 3 people who hate getting up….

When you are in my position OCD with Anxiety, depression and PTSD you let the laundry pile up.  Just no energy to do it.

Then your son does his laundry in preparation for a camping trip. And washes one of his pull ups (we will gloss over the fact he's 14 on Saturday and still wets the bed)….. and end ups taking the entire day with using the washer.

You get up after a really crappy night's sleep, and shower because it'll help.

You get out and realize you have one pair of underware left- and you know you will have to shower when you get home from the doctors because you left the house, but you figure you will deal with that when it comes.  But when you go to get dressed this is all you find:

IMG_7268IMG_7267Yes, your last pair of pants is pink striped capris that your husband makes fun of, (not today the last time I wore them he said I really shouldn't wear them out of the house because they are ridiculous and look like pajamas) and what's worse the only shirt is gray STRIPES! Plaid pants with a gray and white horizontal striped shirt. I will tell you throwing myself out the window actually felt like a viable option this morning.  But I don't have a choice this is all I have left to wear.

That my dears is what happens when you have 3 levels of clothing, have to shower and change anytime you go outside, and get behind on laundry.  That's your public service message for today.

Now I am going to find my happy pills because I am completely mortified.  And the person I really want to talk to about this is my sister (she's a fashionista and could commiserate with me) but she's so Busy and preoccupied with all my dad's crap that I can't talk to her about anything.  And hubby he's no help all he said was is this a preop appointment or fashion show he doesn't understand the modification that I feel right now.

Oh and the scale read 243.something before I flew off it. I didn't want a surprise at my pre-op appointment today.  So might as well let that eat at me for the next while. I think I was about that weight when I gave birth to my daughter. yay! go  me.

I'll post after my pre-op.

Author: thethingswehideinside

Im an almost 40 year old mom struggling through this life with two children, a husband, a houseful of animals. We all have mental or physical challenges that make daily life even harder, this is our journey.

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