My brain eye connection appear to be working for the moment so I will start and update. When I went int surgery onThursday I thought it would be like then a woman hears a funny noice in her car and she brings it to the garage and then there is nothing wrong with it.  But thankfully (?) that wasn’t the case.

First of al this place was punctual.  I mean they said I would be wheeled into surgery I was wheeled in just a moment or two before that time.

That was all typed last  night. My brain and eyes didn’t work well together for very long. I seem to, however, gained back some of my faculties and am able to put a coherent sentence together- for the most part.

I spent another day convalescing on the couch in and out of drug induced consciousness. I tried to go to church this morning, made it through worship music and asked hubby to take me to the car so I could sleep.  He was concerned since the car temp was 92 but I assured him I would be fine.  And I was. I did fall asleep, but I can’t seem to stay awake these days. I honestly believe I am not fully emptied of the anesthesia and then add the Percocet to it….

My other issue is that I have some massive swelling in my leg and foot.  I am a little worried about it and I will be glad to see my PT person on Tuesday. My brace also came all loose today, and hubby tightened it but we aren’t sure it’s where it needs to be.

I wonder how long it will take me to feel a little bit normal.  I am hoping tomorrow to post the pictures that the doctor gave me. But for now, I will describe my surgery:

They pulled my hip out of the socket,  they inserted the arthroscopic tools. The tear of the labrum was large, he was able to repair that instead of getting rid of the cartlidge, he also had to shave the head of the femur down so that it would fit better into my socket.  The final thing he did was to lengthen my psoas tendon.  From what I understand this was a pretty involved procedure, but hopefully I will be able to have some sort of a life again.

I guess that’s all I can handle tonight….. hopefully I will be more myself soon! But I will say valium + antidepressents +hydroxyzine + Percocet = managed depression….. too bad narcotics aren’t a valid solution 😉

Until tomorrow…..